Selected Performances and Exhibitions:

March 2017 – STRANGE NEWES –  three day performance open studio with Shaun Caton and Luke Typesun, Arnolfini, Bristol.

March 2016 – Overseas, exhibition of artists’ books, ACG Gallery, Athens.

November 2015 – Pink Narcissus, performance, Beacons, Icons and Dykons, Bristol

October -November 2015 – I Fall to Pieces, exhibition and performance, Black + Blue, tactileBOSCH / ROSALUX, Berlin

November 2014 – I Fall to Pieces, performance, Experimentica, Cardiff

October 2015 – I Fall To Pieces, Where Performance Happens – IPA Bristol, Arnolfini

October 2013 – Terminal – Something Human / PUSH, London, three-day performance.

October 2013 – Emergency, Manchester, performance

August / October 2013 – A Lexicon of Labour Movements, exhibition and performance with Clare Thornton, Parlour Showrooms, Bristol.

April 2013 – I Love ] PS [ – Group Action (with Bean, Colm Clarke, Poppy Jackson, Soozy Roberts and Benjamin Sebastian), ] Performance S p a c e [ , London.

February 2013 – VANTAGE Art Prize (shortlisted),  Leeds.

November 2012 – Little Wolf Parade, Nottingham, performance.

October 2012 – 7a*11d Festival, Toronto, Canada, performance.

May 2012 – Butch queen, first time in dragSITE Festival, Stroud, performance.

April 2012 – BBeyond Performance Meeting, as guest of Bbeyond and Aaron Williamson, Belfast.

March 2012 – Overgave / Surrender – solo exhibition of live performance and installed actions, Motorcade / Flash Parade, Bristol.

February 2012 – InXclusioncollaborative durational installaction with H.Ren, East Street Arts, Leeds.

November 2011 – Action Art Now, OUI Performance, York, performance.

September 2011 – All around the Field, Waterside Festival, Linz, Austria, performance.

June 2011 – Beyond Necessity, ] Performance S p a c e [ , London, performance.

May 2011 – 40th Anniversary Weekend, Chapter Arts Centre, Bristol, performance.

February 2011 – Transfigurations : Object / Action, exhibition and series of installactions with H. Ren, Bristol.

December 2010 – InBetween Time Festival, Bristol, performance.

November 2010 – Untitled Actuation, Peninsula Arts, Plymouth.

October 2010 – Seven Seconds, tactileBOSCH Gallery, Cardiff, performance.

September 2010 – Æon, Two Degrees  Gallery, Bristol, durational performance.

September 2010 – CycloGeo, Caerphilly Castle, Sustrans Wales commission.

July / August 2010 – Context, Artist Residency, performance and exhibition, Taunton.

June 2010 – Common Ground, Stroud Valley Arts, Stroud, performance.

June 2010 – Combination, Platform Arts, Belfast, site-specific performance.

May 2010 – Make Better Please, collaborated with Uninvited Guests for Scratch at BAC, London.

March 2010 – National Review of Live Art, The Arches, Glasgow, performance.

September 2009 – Common Ground, Plan 9, Bristol, performance.

August 2009 – Side Show, 2nd Birthday, Bournemouth, durational performance

June 2009 – It Wouldn’t Be Worth it Without the Struggle, Howard Gardens Gallery, Cardiff, durational performance.

February 2009 – We Live Here, Arnolfini, Bristol, performance.

October 2008 – Track and Field, new video installation and performance, tactileBOSCH studios, Cardiff.

July 2008 – If You Build It They Will Come, g39, Cardiff, photographic work

June 2008 – Queer City Cinema Festival, Regina, Canada, short and durational performances.

March 2008 – Come to the Edge, exhibition in collaboration with tactileBOSCH, Ivy Brown Gallery, NYC, video.

November/December 2007 – Becoming-locust performance at Art Nomade Festival, Québec; Dark Victory, tactileBOSCH, Cardiff; Animal Love Project, Chapter, Cardiff and Centre for Performance Research, Aberystwyth; BONE Festival, Berne, Switzerland.

April 2007 – Untitled Collaboration with Manuel Vason, Encounters exhibition and publication, Arnolfini, Bristol.

March 2007 – The CAT Show, publication, trace: gallery/projects, Cardiff

October 2006 – Becoming-goat, part of Paradise, tactileBOSCH studios, Cardiff, also performed at Arnolfini, Bristol, February 2007.

August 2006 – Days of Croatian Performance Festival, Varazdin, Croatia.

July 2006 – Re:Imaging Wales (ed. Hugh Adams) – contributor and featured artist in biannual publication of Welsh Contemporary Art.

June 2006 – Becoming-snail, performance, part of Sense in Place, Reykjavik Art Museum, Iceland, also shown at China Live, Arnolfini, Bristol, October 2005 and at National Review of Live Art, Glasgow, March 2004.

May 2006 – Moscow Love Songs, performance, as part of Infinite Longing, ABC Gallery, Art Strelka, Moscow.

April 2006 – Love Lecture, performance, Sensitive Skin, Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham, also performed at Cardiff Art in Time Festival, 2007.

March – April 2006 – Public Love Project, 10-day performance in collaboration with Kathe Izzo aka Love Artist, Shop at Bluebird, London.

February 2006 – SWALLOW! Two day-long performances, Inbetween Time, Arnolfini, Bristol.

December 2005 – ‘On a Series of Queer Becomings: Selected Becomings-Invertebrate 2003-2005’, Rhizomes Journal, Dublin/online.

October 2005 – Chew Never Swallow, cookery performance, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

October 2005 – IQPAO (International Queer Performance Art Olympics) – Documents, performance/installation, More Front Studios, Cardiff.

September 2005 – IQPAO (International Queer Performance Art Olympics) Performance Pentathalon, Bejing New Art Projects, Dashanzi, Beijing.

February 2005 – Love Lecture, 45 minute performance lecture, g39, Cardiff.

February 2005 – From the series becomings-invertebrate, performance lecture, Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios, London.

October 2004 – Our Car’s The Star, collaborative interdisiplinary project with Sarah Coleman and Emma Cooper for Co-Habitation, tactileBOSCH, Cardiff, also shown at Dirty Harry, Oriel Y Bont, University of Glamorgan Gallery, Pontypridd.

October 2004 – On becoming(s)-animal, 45 minute performance lecture, Experimentica04, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

September 2004 – Becoming-snail, Becoming-slug, video works show as part of BODY = construct, Espaço Anexo, Sao Paulo.

September 2004 – Becoming-earthworm, site-specific 10 day performance / installation, Art Farm Project, Devon.

June 2004 – Becoming-slug, performance installation at fourchette/3 group show, tactileBOSCH, Cardiff, also performed at Kissing the Pink, Art Academy, London.

May 2004 – Between Man and Dog, series produced in collaboration with photographer Matias Short, published Brooklyn Review, New York.

September 2003 – Becomings-invertebrate, exhibition of documented private actions and live two-hour performance, Becoming-snail, final MA assessment, U.W.I.C.

May/June 2003 – Becoming-dog, series of three- and six-hour performances with video installation, fourchette+, tactileBOSCH, Cardiff; also self-published bookwork, Mad Dogs and English Men.

May 2003 – ARENA, one-hour performance in collaboration with Sara Rees, tactileBOSCH studios, Cardiff, also shown at ARTCONCEPT festival, St Petersburg.

March 2003 – Becoming-rabbit, three-hour performance installation with live rabbits, Trailerpark03, Cardiff, also shown at Never in a Year of Sundays, Dartington Village Hall, Devon.

December 2002 – Matter, three-hour performance installation with live snails, Long Night of Sound, Video and Live Art, Umbrella Arts, Cardiff, also shown at HEM, Exeter Fringe.

March 2002 – T(h)ree: in loving memory, three-hour public marking intervention, Canterbury, also performed at East End Collaborations, London and eXpo, Nottingham.

March 2001 – Two-day Performance, forty-eight-hour public action, final assessment, University of Kent at Canterbury.

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